The best kept secret of the Bosphorus

“Luxury is an art. It must be conceived by an artist and forged by the hands of an artisan with quality materials. It must be unique and have values that transcend the ordinary to help fashion a better world. It must connect with the most distinctive part of the inner self. An object is not just an object: I want it to help me discover and explore new places. Luxury must be a part of the way I understand life. I want the help of artists to make my mark. I want to design my dreams and I need a brand to make them real.”



The exclusive pleasure
to create style

Convinced that a handbag is a jewel, we give the possibility to every client to create their own, by customizing it at their image and likeness, to create unique items, with the advice of our designer team.


Corporate Social Responsibility

A brand has to leave a legate base on it´s values. We search to raise awareness for the environmental sustainability and empowerment of women.